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Helping Others? Remember to Help Yourself.

I am a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn, so beautiful, gracious, iconic and yet still a wonderful human being; evidenced through her humanitarian work which people with fame and fortune have the opportunity to demonstrate more easily than us regular people. 

Everyday people living everyday lives, have to step up everyday to look after loved ones with little support, and little gratitude. Sometimes it's unnoticed how much effort is made to accommodate their needs. It's unappreciated how much you've adjusted your own life, routine and happiness to prop up theirs. And then, just when you think you can't take anymore, something triggers that staying power to step up even further and humor them! In their latest hurtful comment, their irritation that you haven't got it quite right.

You just nod. Smile. And say 'see you tomorrow then!'. 

Looking after those you love is so hard. And it can apply to kids, parents, partners, that grumpy old aunt that you're stuck with as her last living relative. 

'As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.'                                

A lovely sentiment intended to promote giving, but for all these carers, helpers, family members I say please, remember to take care of yourself. Remember the person you are, eat well, pursue your hobby, keep your friends. You cannot take care of others without factoring in your own health and happiness.

To anyone in this situation, long term hospital visiting, managing carers, medications and appointments on behalf of a loved one. Be proud of yourself! You are doing a sterling job. Just remember to be a teensy bit selfish occasionally. You will all benefit from that. 

Big hugs to you all. 

Helen x

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