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MIND Workshop

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Been on a little workshop tonight all about mental health organised by Oldham Community Leisure and MIND. 

It was promoting mental health awareness and although short it was most informative.

Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Depression and Anxiety, OCD, Stress. We have all suffered, if not ourselves we all know someone who has. The statistics are 1 in 3 / or 1 in 4, I can't remember, but either way it's got to be hitting close to home.

Often it's hard to talk about, embarrassment is a big factor for many. Unsure of the way forward. Thinking that visiting a GP will lead to medication and you're not into that. Well listen; its not daft, it's not uncommon and there are many more ways out of your illness than medication. 

Google MIND and check out a few options. Speak to your nearest and dearest - they love you and can probably already sense you're going through something anyway!

This life is short and you need to be the best person you can be, so go and be it. For yourself and your family. 

Take care, love Helen. x


P.S I'll update this with any other links I come across. Feel free to pass on your pearls of wisdom. It's good to talk. 

P.P.S Credit where credits due I've nabbed the image from http://www.robinskey.com

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