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Riding my Bike Now - It's all action Helen!!

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Today's quest out of my comfort zone was a bike ride. My dad resurrected my old one from 20 odd years ago as the kids were getting too fast on theirs for me to be on foot.
As I go almost daily to the Post Office in the car (it's about 2 miles round trip) I thought I could use the bike a bit more for some extra exercise - flab is harder to shift as I approach my, ahem .. 40's.
Anyhow, I couldn't make running club tonight so I did a little test ride while the roads were quiet.
Wobbly? Just a bit. I cycled on the road for about 1/3 mile but I couldn't face the dual carriage way so I used the wide pavement. Which I think is actually illegal?? But better safe than dead was how I thought I would justify it to the police.
Then came the downhill which I remember at 16 was a total adrenaline rush, but my grown up self was not up for that so I stayed on the path. Something to aim for anyway.
I did it though, got home, figured out the gear changes and will try biking my parcels to the PO in future. 
Tomorrow's quest out of my comfort zone is .....a midnight run round a forest with some crazy running friends. 
*Credit where credit's due. I cannot find the original source, it says Pinterest so thats the best I've got. Good though isn't it. 

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