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Day 3. March Meet The Maker. 'WORKSPACE'.

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Day 3 of ‪#‎marchmeetthemaker‬ and the theme is 'workspace'. Taken me a long time to get one!! So I am super pleased to show you. I need stuff on the walls but I am planning atm so it's a bit bare.
Atop my desk is my sewing machine, my angle poised desk lamp which I love, hanging from which are my tape measures.
The bookcase houses my ribbon, felt, velcro all my components right by my side and my rulers.
Kate often pops in with a drawing for me which is the pile of post it'...s on the desk. And under the desk is a little fan heater as it gets so cold sewing late into the night.
Also there's a pot of pens and scissors lots of both of them.
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