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Olganna Hosts First Workshop!

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Getting out of your comfort zone is a marvellous way to feel energised and challenged. 

On Sunday Olganna hosted a wreath making workshop which was a huge success. 

Each crafter created a unique wreath from the same starting point, a variety of fabric and trimmings were available to allow for some free thinking and a couple of hours later each had a wreath ready to adorn their home during the festive period. 

The wreaths are available ready to hang - they come with hanging string - each unique in design. They come delivered boxed so are easy to store year after year. 

If you fancy getting your craft on, why not buy a wreath making kit. Spend a couple of hours with a relaxed craft and end up with a decoration to wow your guests this Christmas.

A great gift for birthdays coming up to Christmas and a great way to get the kids involved in festive fun. 

Wreath Making Kit - Create your own decoration


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