Large Zip Make Up Bag by Olganna

Large Zip Top Bag - Multiple Reported Uses! Not Just for Make Up!

With a large zip across the top you can find all your stuff in the bottom of the large bag easily. 

These are available in lots of fabrics and are perfect gift ideas as they are just so useful!

It was designed as a make up bag initially but check out these other uses - 

Chargers and Plugs | Hair Stuff | Nail Varnishes | Personal items | Pens, pencils | Craft items | Spare pants and sock for gym | Medication stash | Stationery | Sewing Stuff | Evening Bag | Chocolate Stash | Work desk make up bag | Make Up

These are all the reported uses of the large zip top bag. 

Feel free to give me your uses so I can add to the list of just how handy these are! 

Machine washable, lined, zip top and with cute box corner detail it's a little gem of a product! 

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