Olganna - Gorgeous Gifts of Great British Design. The very best of UK Handmade.
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About Olganna.

Olganna is the place to find gorgeous gifts of Great British design, and the home of what we consider to be the best of UK handmade gifts.

The initial concept prevented grubby make-up brushes in the bottom of a make up bag and thus the original make up wrap was born. The range has grown to include pencil and jewellery wraps, phone cases, craft organisation, aprons and is growing, more recently including kids gifts.

I am Helen Grochowina and I have a background in product development, working closely with designers and directly instructing factories on a large scale. Since becoming a mother and wanting to stay closer to home, Olganna has scaled down and created a brand which takes it's core values as unique, practical design – perfect for gifting.

Beautifully created pieces of useful storage, the Olganna concept is one of functionality and fabulousness ensuring that that gift will be loved, used and admired for a long time to come.  

Did you know? – The name Olganna comes from my 2 grandmothers. Olga and Anna. Both strong women whose style and creativity remain influential and relevant today.

So now you know...!

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