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Crochet Hook gift with mandala print,

Mandela Crochet Lovers Gift Idea


Crochet Hook gift with mandala print, gorgeous gift idea for Mothers Day or birthdays. Mandalas are a popular form of crochet art which makes this the perfect design to hold your crochet hooks.

This fabric is beautifully detailed, a fabulously creative pattern that is really eye catching!

It holds 12 hooks and has a larger slot for scissors. very handy and perfect for the crochet addict!

Available for both sizes of crochet hooks.

Order Wide Slots to fit your rubber handled or 'Clover' brand hooks.

Order narrow slot roll for the narrow slot roll.

Both contain 12 slots for hooks and a wider slot for scissors. The narrow slot roll has varying width of slots to accomodate the difference in sizes. The wider slot roll has 12 large slots all the same wide size to fit in the wider rubber handles.

Packaged in cellophane, with a gifting option to be packaged in a tubular gift box they are perfect for gifting! The picture on the box and it's description will be correct to the contents inside.

You can add a set of hooks to your order by choosing in options, They come in 2 options - wooden bamboo or metallic. Scissors are not included.

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