Face mask with sugar skulls print.

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These washable facemasks have a double layer of fabric throughout and are designed with pockets to enable inclusion of a filter layer if required.

The woven construction means the fabric is breathable, however the uniform structure of cotton makes it easy for air to penetrate through which is why an additional filter layer is recommended.
This filter layer can be something as simple as kitchen paper as it is non woven and so that will filter out a larger amount of what is breathed in.
However - this is not a medical grade mask and should always be used in line with social distancing guidance.
Masks can be washed in a machine or by hand with detergent which is recommended, and the filter can be replaced as often as required.

Masks are close fitting, shaped round the nose and chin and come high toward the ear to give as much protection as comfortable. Masks help to stop you touching your face directly and also add a comfort during these times when out shopping.

The masks have adjustable elastic ear straps which stretch to fit - you can fit them around your ears or right up and hooked over a hair bun as shown in one of the pictures. 

These are adult sized and have elastic loops which can be adjusted to your perfect fit.