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Christmas Personalised Draught Stopper

Christmas Personalised Draught Stopper

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Add a personal welcome to your home with a Christmas draught stopper.

These are a clever little addition to your home, as once fitted they stay attached to your door so no tripping over them - or kids fighting with them! 

No more getting cosy on the sofa only to feel that draft and have to negotiate who's turn it is to put the draft excluder back.

So it's saving money, potentially your relationship and if kids are whacking them round - your ornaments !! 

DESIGN - Red glitter fabric with Personalised Message. Other colours available but not yet shown - see options on checkout! 


SIZE - The width provided is 30.5 inches / 77 cms which will probably require a trim to fit neatly to your door to enable it to close - some standard scissors will be fine to trim the inner as required.

PACKAGING - These come rolled/folded up so when they arrive simply unfold and they are instantly ready to use. 

FITTING - They may take a bit of effort to guide under the door especially if it's a tight fit. You only have to do this once though so it's worth it to get it right.

Make sure your door can actually close when fitted. You may need to trim a tiny bit more off the inner than you first thought to get a good fit.


These are available in a few designs at the moment and I will continue to add more. If you don't see what you want keep checking back on the website.

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