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Starting Out!

There have been other blogs that I've started with best intentions and not continued. What is different this time is focus. I have it!!

I am blocking out the unnecessary and working on what actually needs to be done.

Don't get me wrong, it's not easy but I have motivated myself using networking pages on Facebook and taking time out. I am guilty of being a 'busy fool'. Going hell for leather on everything, feeling like I am achieving lots but not actually seeing the benefit in my pocket which is why I work at the end of the day. So actually stopping 'working', taking time for me and clearing my head has helped me get back on track and that's why I am back with bigger and better plans.

Luckily for me a fellow maker has done a March challenge on Instagram #marchmeetthemaker. So I have lots to show you throughout the whole of March. This is a perfect introduction to me and my biz.

So read on folks and leave a comment, help create a bit of a buzz about Olganna!!

Here's to a fab spring!



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