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If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please ask using the form below and I will get back to you.

I am building these up so you can see they are a little scarce but the question I am asked most frequently is - Where do you get your fabric/ribbon/labels/boxes etc. etc. from.

Answer - I'm sorry but I couldn't possibly reveal my sources and frankly you are cheeky to ask! I have spent years building up my business and worked hard on all aspects on it. Do your homework as I have had to do and you'll find your own sources which might even be better than mine - then come and share them with me!

How long will shipping take?

Depends where in the world you are but as a guide please see below. (This is NO GUARANTEE). I ask customers to tell me when their purchase has arrived so I can keep up to date with real time delivery times.

So currently I am getting reports of -

UK - Up to 5 working days - I ship everything 1st class Royal Mail so it's usually less than this.

USA - Up to 4 weeks but from experience I would say 10-14 days. This can be slightly longer at holiday times but generally it's been 10 days.

Canada - Up to 4 weeks but I've had a 5 day delivery to Canada so perhaps allow 2 weeks and hope to be surprised!

Australia - Up to 6 weeks!! That's a bit longer than reports I am getting, usually 14 days so far.

I obviously ship worldwide so this list is hardly comprehensive - if in doubt please just ask by contacting helloolganna@gmail.com.

Where do you get your patterns?

I design all my own patterns, they are developed to produce useful, gorgeous, functional, hard wearing quality products. They go through many rounds of tweaking and testing to ensure stability and long lasting products that you can trust.


Faulty goods of course can be returned and may be subject to a full or partial refund dependent on the issue - Please contact me to discuss the problem and how to return goods. 

If you have changed your mind  - Please contact me to arrange return and refund. It will be subject to goods being returned in the same original condition, with tags and packaging attached. 


You are buying handmade. Products are made in a home studio by a real person who does it all! If you have questions or queries, issues or concerns. You are not happy, have feedback or just need to tell me something. Then do. I'm here, I'm listening and I'm striving to please. The email address is admin@olganna.com and it's there to use.