Giving Up Stress.

I completed the March Meet the Maker Challenge on Instagram @olgannabags and intended to post everything on this blog to show off Olganna and a bit of behind the scenes action.

But after many attempts and pictures not posting I have given up. It's too stressful and it just shouldn't be.

It got me thinking that I given up a lot of stress recently. And it's produced a calmer, happier Helen. And given me the most important thing of all back. Time.

There's just never enough of it so my course of action, unplanned as it was, gave me more of it. And with that came a clearer view, a wider perception and probably most importantly happiness.

First came the 2 years of trying to sell our house. I will not ever look back on it fondly, and if I ever do take thoughts back to that time I hate it even more. I was so unhappy and with every viewer came another raised hope, and another disappointment. The ONLY good things that came out of it was the fact that if we had have sold ours earlier we would not be in this house now. Fate lead us here and for that, I am grateful. But the process along the way did not make me stronger. It made me grumpy, tired and wore me down.

So after all that waiting we got here and found lots of jobs to do, the kids needed to be settled. A couple of rooms required pretty urgent attention but with no money it was all funded by favours and took rather longer to complete than impatient me would like. Olganna was ticking over but by no means anywhere near out of hobby status. I joined running club - I LOVE RUNNING CLUB BTW. A key to my happiness right now for sure.  

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