Air Fryer Sat on Kitchen worktop with a pizza cooking inside.

Air Fryer Bore !

Why Switch to An Air Fryer?

There are 4 of us in the house but we all eat differently.

So my daughter is the vegetarian. 

My son is very picky one and only eats 5 different things and 1 of those is sausages.

And my other half doesn't eat at a time that suits any of us so he pleases himself. 

I will eat anything, anytime and I'm always hungry! 

This means that about 3 times a week I put the oven on for my sons 2 sausages. I end up walking off while it's preheating, then eventually I remember to put the sausages in and before I know it the oven has been on for about an hour to cook 2 sausages. 

So I thought that in sausage preparation alone it would pay for itself.

The Cost Compared to the Oven - 

Cost of electricity Comparison Chart for Cooking Appliances

Why did I choose the one I did?

Follow this link to see which one I bought. 

1 - It's Asda frozen pizza sized! 

I wanted to be able to fit a frozen pizza in it for exactly the same reason as the sausages really! It just fits an Asda frozen pizza in. I popped a garlic bread pizza in which was very slightly bigger and it kind of lay slanted, but as soon as it became unfrozen it kind of squeezed itself flat and it was just fine.

2 - I wanted a light so I can see how it's cooking.

My oven light hasn't worked for years and it's a pain really so I wanted to make sure it was easy to see what was happening inside.

3 - I wanted digital settings.

My microwave has a dial and it's hit and miss really guessing it's in the right spot. I don't use the microwave very much so it's not an issue but with an oven substitute I really wanted to make sure I could get it bob on.

So I opted for this one and haven't been disappointed. I was using it within 5 mins of getting it home and the pizza pics you see are literally the 1st things I cooked - my son was eating pizza within 20 mins of me getting it home.

I have quite a lot more to say about this air fryer so I'll save it for another time but honestly I am so impressed with this one I would highly recommend. Though to be absolutely fair I've not actually heard a bad word said about any of them, only positives. 

Just to also point out, I really don't think you'll be disappointed if you do. I am so thrilled with mine - hence me new title AirFryer Bore ! 

If you have any questions please just ask and I am happy to answer them.

Cooked Pepperoni Pizza


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Hi, I have an air fryer & didn’t know you could cook pizza in it!! Mine is just a standard air fryer from Tower. Cooking for one is fantastic for air fryer. I need to get more adventurous & try different things, hence the pizza I have just written on my shopping list!

Jayne Atkin

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