Lucky cats coin purse by olganna

Cute Little Coin Purse - Small but Roomy!

This is one of my favourite products and which is used every day.

As usual it started out using off cuts from a bigger item. The cute little coin purse is lined and fastens at the top with a zip.

The bottom of the purse is rounded so it's a cute semi circle shape. 

Looks tiny but it's just perfect for the essentials. A bit of lose change, notes and a few credit / store cards fit in perfectly and it doesn't look like it but a lipstick /lip balm fits in too. 

The shape makes it fit comfortably in your hand or pocket making it perfect for nights out and it's small enough to fit in your small clutch bag. 

Great for kids as it's not too bulky and good for ear buds too. 

Click on the link below to see all the coin purses in stock! 

Shop for coin purses at Olganna


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