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Vacation Isolation - Day 4

I start most days with a pilates workout. I feel like I am starting out positive and setting my stall out for the day. Plus, today I am expecting beer to arrive, so this is balancing things out, giving me the upper hand.

I know I need to have a rather awkward conversation with Iceland at 9am when they open, demanding to know where my beers are and how soon I can have them, so I get my coffee ready and prepare to be put on hold. I got straight through! Perhaps sensing my desperation they gave me a 5 til 7 slot - their idea of a joke, making me wait? What's another few hours anyway.

Pool stuff sorted, bikini number 4 on and slide into the pool. Seems a bit warmer today - must be getting used to it. I only stay in for 15 mins. Let the body feel the cold, move around lightly, lie back head on the inflated rim and soak up the rays. It's relaxing, after a while you don't hear the noises around you. I am really getting to enjoy it. 

Vacation in the back garden day 4

Just as I am getting out Ryan comes out for our volleyball finale. He plays standing in the pool, hits the ball all over the garden, using me as his fetcher and sends me all over the place to retrieve it. It gets my steps in at least! I am just pleased he wants to spend time with me playing, so much is screen time these days, it's great to relax with him and let his personality shine. He commentates as we play and has developed a London/Aussie accent which makes me giggle. Anyway, he ran me ragged and beat me, but only by 3 points.

Great game son.

Dry off and grab a brew, remembering the unexpected parcel from Amazon yesterday I open it up. It's a string of fairly lights in the shape of little buzzy bees. Solar powered and just fabulous for my garden. I get them out to soak up the sun ready for tonight. The note says it's to brighten up the garden since I am spending so much time there instead of being on holiday. How totally thoughful from one of my bestest friends and favourite people. Love them Kathleen. xx Thank you so much! 

Then, another surprise arrives! Knowing me so well, I get a little drop off from the in-laws - BEERS! Thank you!! They are going right in the fridge for happy hour later on.

Today is the turn of bikini number 4, and it's my fave. I love the colour though it is a bit tight now. I wore this in the Maldives on the holiday I went on with one of my other bestest friends for my 30th birthday - 12 years ago. Back in the days when phones didn't have cameras and the compact point and click ruled. Hence the picture quality - AKA the original filter! 

Maldives in a green bikini

And the evening outfit - my fave Topshop dress. It's casual but flirty in a shade of grey I love. The neckline is perfect for me and I feel fab in it. I love to team it with this bright pink necklace which is from a shop in Liverpool, where I used to live. Spent a glorious evening in the yard, with my beers and a burger. I'll do extra pilates tomorrow I tell myself as I am chowing down.

Yeah ! I made it through day 4 of the back yard vacay and I feel OK, though I would really love to go for a walk. 6 more days to go! 

To remind you why we are vacay'ing in the back garden. My daughter has tested positive for covid. So we have been unable to go to Newquay, Cornwall and Illfracoombe, North Devon as planned for our 10 days in the sun, sea and surfing. None of us have symptoms luckily, and we are making the most of our sunny holidays in the back garden, in Chadderton, Oldham, Greater Manchester. Where for once it is not hammering it down and for that we are very grateful. 

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After years of wanting to thoroughly clean my house but lacking the time, this week I discovered that wasn’t the reason.

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Thank you Helen! We are trying our best. The sunshine has been absolutely amazing hasn’t it. So so lucky to have had this to salvage our disappointment.


Love this post! Great to hear you’re soaking up the sun and enjoying some holiday vibes even though you didn’t manage to get away xxx


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