In pink bikini and straw sunhat.

Keep Calm and Holiday At Home - Day 1.

As my daughters class isolated from school and her classmates were testing positive daily we had to get a test. With no symptoms, we were sure it would come to nothing but unfortunately we got a positive result, that meant no holiday. 

So that was that. Having just spent the last week in isolation from school and missing her very last week at primary before starting high school in September, I felt so sorry for her. Spare a thought then for her brother, who had already spent 10 days in isolation, only to be told no holiday AND another 10 days stuck indoors.

All desperate for a change of scene , we were so excited at the prospect of 10 days in the baking hot sun which had been forecast - for 10 days!  

I should not have allowed myself to get excited. 

Breath deep, keep calm and holiday at home. 

Our plans were 3 nights in Newquay, Cornwall, followed by 7 nights in Illfracoombe, North Devon.

How on earth can I recreate anything like this at home? Give my kids a holiday and make our isolation time bearable?? 

First stop a pool. As big as we could possibly fit so an 8 foot round paddling pool was ordered. 

I unpacked all our clothes and made the decision that I was going to wear everything I planned as much as I could.

My 4 bikinis and my mum tum would see the sun.

Next morning pool was out and 4 hours later it was full....!

So on with the pink bikini, the big sunhat, and I was the first one in the pool....!

It was freezing !! I dipped in 3 times and sunbathed in between. 

Making the best of it the kids got in splashed about for a while making the most of our new pool and so much sunshine! Bliss right in our back garden.

We should have been in a beach hut today on Towan Beach, Newquay. I had told everyone (sorry for boring you all) I had bagged a beach hut and I went on about my planned adventures. 

Instead we had a pool party at home, pizzas delivered and chatting into the night as a family. 


Holidays in the back garden - Day 1


It may not be what we planned but we are certainly making the best of it. 

This peacock dress is probably what I would have worn on the first night. Flirty and fun it's just what I needed to brighten up the back garden! 

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I hope so Helen! We have some great pics and everyone is splashing and smiling 😃
Making memories!

Helen Grochowina

Great idea to have a pool party at home. Am sure you’re making some fun memories for the kids xx


Thank you Sarah! Trying my best to keep the kids from being disappointed.


I love your positivity and determination Helen xx💕

Sarah Hince

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