Wearing sunglasses and sundress by lavender bush

Back Yard Vacation - Day 2.

Up early and it's another scorcher! 

The pool looks SO inviting but there is work to be done as I have realised that pool areas need a bit of maintaining. 

Patio swept and a pleasant surprise when I uncovered the pool to see the 2 chlorine tablets I dropped in last night had worked and cleared it right up.

I toyed with getting a filter pump but I read they are really noisy and you have to leave them running for hours so I thought I'd try the tablets first. 

Popped the hose on to top the water up - the kids splashing all day yesterday lost us a good couple of inches - and went to pop on bikini number 2! 

Different day - different straps - blending in those tan lines!

The water was bracing! But I tell myself I am an OPENWATER SWIMMER, I seek adventure in WATERFALLS, plunging myself into the icy cold water is my thing.

And breathe, and breathe.

Deep breath. And it's done. I decided that I shall do this 3 times a day for the next 10 days.

Great for mental health and well being.

Great for the body and apparently - amazing for cellulite - COUNT ME IN! 

Back yard vacation - day 2

Now for the relaxing portion of the day. Breakfast in the sunshine, but a quick scan of the fridge shows a sorry sight.

In need of supplies I scrabble around trying to get a delivery slot. I got 3 lined up for the week from various supermarkets, as what is clear is that there is a bit of a shortage on summer essentials - like ice cream! Phew! 

Then, a lovely call from my mum and dad to say they were on their way with a load of plants for me. I had a large flower bed which was just brown soil and I'd mentioned I'd spent all that time preparing it and had to look at it bare for the next 10 days! Just when I had loads of time on my hands as well. 

The gift of flowers for an entire summer - I wanted a hug them so much but we have the 'rona so they stopped the car outside, dumped the flowers roadside and made a quick exit. 'Thank you!!' I screamed after them. 

The kids splashed around screaming all afternoon - bittersweet as any parent will know. There is a fine line between laughter and disaster, so we relaxed as much as we could soaking up the sun.

Choosing a strapless favourite, I dressed for dinner - I can wear big earrings on holiday which I just wouldn't be confident to do otherwise and I feel summery and fun!

Just a quick pesto pasta in the still intense heat of the sun with a lovely glass of red ends a brilliant day 2 of the isolation holiday. 

Until next time....x 

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As they get louder you get more fearful of what is coming!

helen grochowina

‘A fine line between laughter and disaster’ – so true!! 😂


Ah thank you for reading them. I am trying to keep it up for the 10 days. Amazingly I have a lot to say! xx


I love reading these. Xx

Sarah Hince

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