Face Masks by Olganna

Face Masks by Olganna

An Olganna face mask is constructed to be a high quality, functional and comfortable product.

The design is called the 'Olson style'. This is an NHS approved design - however please do note that these are cloth masks and are not surgical standard masks and do not prevent the spread of covid-19. 

Whatever description given - Handmade / Homemade / Cloth / Fabric / Olson / Pleated - It is important to remember to use the masks in accordance with social distancing guidelines. 

Olganna face masks are getting really great reviews both for service and quality and I really hope that if you need a face mask you choose to buy from me! 

To browse the current range please click through but please note the fabrics are all limited so if you do really like one snap it up as it may not be there tomorrow. 

Finally I wish you and your loved ones the very best of health and comfort in these very strange times in which we live. Despite living through it, it is still so unbelieveable that we are even going through this, but all we can do now is wait for this new normal to resume.

Best wishes to you all. Helen at Olganna x





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