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March Meet the Maker 2023 - All About Me!

I am a positive person by nature! Always looking on the bright side is a speciality!
I come from Oldham, moved away to Leicester, then Liverpool and here I am back in Oldham. For good I think. But I might move to Scotland one day….?!
I have always had creative influence in my life, but I think I really got into it in secondary school when I started textiles – Thank you Mrs Hughes. I was shown how to use the sewing machine and I suppose I just didn’t stop.
I studied Fashion and Textiles at college and then Footwear Design at Uni as I persued my dream job in quality assurance. Then travelled a lot with my work. China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Spain, Portugal, Italy are all places I visited multiple times.
I always wanted a job with travel and I am very proud I achieved that. But very early on in my retail career (like the 1st month!) I wanted a brand of my own - Olganna. And I have that now too!
I am a happy person and I am happy with where I am in life really. Moving into a new workspace is exciting! And it all happened very organically so I haven’t had to worry about it too much. Just go with it and keep saying yes!
I have a lovely home life, but don’t talk about the kids much as we decided to keep them off social media from the beginning. I am very proud of both of them of course.
A few bits of triva. I am 44. I don’t feel over the hill but it’s getting steeper! I am very active, I run, spin and walk lots. I love coffee and wine – who doesn’t! I am currently learning the art of work / life balance and I am getting good at it. Saying no, is becoming easier in my ‘old age’ and I am definitely more comfortable with myself now.
I am constantly working on my capsule wardrobe. I love love love my air fryer. I’ve gone from not caring about my nails to booking in twice monthly. I am always cold. I have reynaurds and it’s literally such a pain as well as being such a pain. My favourite night of the week is Fridays as we make home made pizza and watch Death in Paradise.
And that’s me !
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