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Hope Marketing! A big NO NO!

As usual I'm hit and miss with my entire business, but I've had family illnesses to contend with and I've had to prioritise that. It's left me feeling a bit like I'm at the bottom of a huge hill and the path is difficult. But I guess that's being in business and I suppose it will always be that way. I just need to start. That's the key. Build some momentum and in turn the path will become clear. 

So I've tried lots of FB advertising this week to get my reach up to 13,000. It's cost a lot but as long as I keep providing good content I believe it will pay off. I've got a giveaway on my page encouraging comments and I'm networking like crazy. It's page like for likes, which I don't usually go in for but I've been stuck on 1600 for so long I just want to get to 2000, So I'm quick fixing it and hoping for the best!! I know that type of marketing is not good practise but it's the best I've got right now so I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime I have lots of new styles to show this week so that should get me somewhere. Enjoy this sunshine while you can! Loving it. 

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