In my own time!

In my own time!

For anyone just starting out, what you see in my business has taken me 10 years to achieve, and I am still not really anywhere. But the numbers were never really my concern. In fact the low numbers meant that I’ve been able to just ‘be off’ with the kids every school holiday. No childcare nightmares. Just relaxed holiday vibes.

It’s also meant that I’ve been able to look after my family when they’ve needed me, for months at a time, being there all day, everyday whenever I’ve needed to.

But the fact that these numbers are increasing, mean that I have grown my business at the pace that suits me.

The kids now 10 and 11, just don’t need me half as much. Sure I get the demands yelled from across the house for their tea, did I pay for whatever, can I have a pound, and enquiries about that top – you know mum, the black one ?!! err OK.

Their growth is my gain and I am TOTALLY LOVING the additional time in my day now to really work ON my business and not just in my business.

Everyone and every business is different.

I am just working on my own numbers.

In my own way.

In my own time.

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Amazing story and your gifts are exceptional. Do what is right for you.


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