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Mallorca Magic.

Visit to Ikat Textile Factory in Mallorca, Spain.

Whilst in Mallorca I managed to find a textile factory, one of what are believed to be the only three Ikat factories in the world. All of them are on that island. So I arranged a visit and took a couple of buses to Pollenca. Juan was a wonderful guide!

I took full advantage of the day to myself, walking to Calvary past the crosses on the way and to the pretty church at the top where a wedding was taking place. The 360 steps down were a bit of a bind in the midday heat so I rewarded myself with a fabulous coffee and cake, the presentation of which was a work of art.

I wandered round a wonderful cavern of antiques and curiosities and flitted in and out of air conditioned shops to escape the blazing sun.
A lovely escape from family life from 8am til 4 pm. Longer than a school day it was bliss!

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