Welcome to The Start of Olganna - Brand Origin.

Welcome to The Start of Olganna - Brand Origin.

Welcome to March Meet The Maker 2023. Let's see if I manage to complete it this year! Thanks to Joanne Hawker for creating this challenge which is valued by so many crafters! 

In case you don't know. Joanne creates the March Meet The Maker challenge every year and sets us a prompt for every day of March to follow. We get weekends off !

So first up this year is Brand Origin. 

People often think I am called Olganna!

But I am Helen and I created the brand Olganna about 20 years ago when I worked in retail, by combining the names Olga and Anna.

These were my maternal grandparents and were everything to me during my childhood. I was lucky enough to have them both well into their 80’s and beyond, and I cherish the memories I am left with.

So all those years ago before I even started to sell anything I had this brand in mind. Combining the names of these 2 strong women just sounds right!

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