New Seasons!

New Seasons!

Well firstly, thank goodness that Spring is here as I have felt especially low through the winter months and blaming it on the weather so a bit of sun to lift the mood is just what I need.

When I worked in industry it was all about dates, planning a year in advance. Robust systems making sure the orders are shipped on time and everything flows through. I lived in the fashion seasons and I actually loved the rigid systems, year in, year out.

Well. I launched that rule book straight out of the window here at Olganna and now I just bumble along – generally in a rush when a season is ‘suddenly’ upon us. Seasonal is really not my strong point.

I do love bringing out new seasonal collections though and did that just recently with my Shabby Chic Collection form Spring 22!

ALSO - In news just in ! I have started planning for next spring already. Yes – that’s Spring / Summer 2023.

So I’ll leave you with the mood board (see picture above) I’ve started and hopefully the pop of colour in your feed with make you feel all spring like and zesty!

Helen x

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