Ok, Ok. Time Out.

Hey folks, Helen here just checking in after a pretty long break. 

It's been a while but I had to take a little break, get my head straight and just fall back in love with my business again. 

I've learnt that I am doing lots right, and wrong. But the step back I've taken has given me space to look and learn and I think sometimes when you are immersed in something you just can't get a perspective and that really creates a barrier. 

So I've had the slob out, listened to the 'Mind Monkey's' (I'm sure that's a TM of Claire Mitchell, Founder of The Girls Mean Business). I've been down, then UP, then back down, umpteen times and wondered if I should draw Olganna to a close.

I took the pressures off myself in every aspect aside from my kids and partner of course, and having taken a step back I am ready to go at it again. But this time with a plan, purpose and a determination to take this to the next level.

I can't take all the credit, I've learnt from the best the web has to offer and now it's action stations. 

I'm glad you are here, else it's just me yabbering on. Stay tuned because if you have found yourself in the same place with your small business then I have lots of fabulous places you can go for help; for free! 


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