Authentic Gift Shop in Uppermill Saddleworth

So what's REALLY the the main attraction in Uppermill?

Olganna has been stocked at Authentic in Uppermill for 4 years now and we love being there!

The shop, run by Viki and Dave used to be tucked away down a side street opposite the Museum - a real hidden gem. With it's regular clientele enticed by the wonderfully curated range of artisan gifts, Authentic has gathered a dedicated following and stays true to it's heritage of high quality, creative gifts sourced mainly from local artisans.

Since moving to it's prominent high street location, still opposite the Museum and a handy car park; Authentic has been able to expand and now has an upstairs dedicated entirely to home wares. 

Authentic stocks it's own brand Woozlewood, which comprises of functional wooden home decor made in house by the very talented Dave, with decorative detail applied by Viki herself.

The range in Authentic has grown to be very comprehensive and the ability to find gifts for all ages, genders and tastes in a complimentary style is a testament to the owners keen eye.

Uppermill itself is a fabulous hangout with its bustling bar scene and fabulous eateries. Located in Saddleworth the walks in the area attract people from miles around and it's definitely worth a visit. 


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