Looks Like the Face Mask is Here for a While Longer.

Looks Like the Face Mask is Here for a While Longer.

Never in a million years did Olganna think we would produce over 2500 face masks but here we are, and we have!

It started when Olganna donated over 200 masks to local good causes when there were PPE shortages in early Covid times. Then PPE came through and suddenly masks became our bestsellers throughout the world, being sent to all corners of the globe by customers who were worried about their family members not being able to obtain them, resulting in us receiving desperate messages and lots of sad stories.

The Middle East and Africa were new territories for Olganna and the amount that we were sending to the USA was just overwhelming at times. There were postal problems, supply problems (fabric and elastic prices tripled overnight) and conflicting messages over mask effectiveness on the news as we worked our way through the pandemic and watched death rates climb.

As soon as the supermarkets started stocking cheap face masks, things changed for face mask sales. The superior Olganna masks, shaped to fit snugly, with filter options, adjustable elastic and breathable, high quality fabrics seemed over priced. A reflection of the world in which we live, where cheap and plentiful fast fashion rule, but where there is often a definite compromise on quality.

Time and again repeat customers report how comfortable Olganna face masks are and how well they wash. We are very proud of the quality turned out from the little studio in Chadderton, Oldham.

As a product developer, all Olganna products are constantly under scrutiny and development but none more so than this face mask!! Adapting to market pressures and customer requirements has made it a great product to work on.

The great fit and quality materials remain, but research has told us that filter layers are less essential with social distancing. So taking the extra fabric and labour away, coupled with the fabric prices falling back, the price achieved is very comparable to that of the supermarkets - who haven't been adding filter layers, nor space for them either. 

Olganna facemasks are available with or without a filter layer. 

The face mask is most certainly here to stay so we may as well have some nice designs and treat them as an accessory, matching to our outfits as you would a scarf. 

What is your stance on disposable face masks? Mine is NO WAY! 

So very bad for the planet; we should not be buying single use plastic in any form. The evidence has been clear about the affect on wildlife caught up in discarded plastics so please, please avoid disposable masks as much as you possibly can. 

So you can shop small, and you can shop local, competitively.

'Buy cheap buy twice' 

Small businesses have never needed you more so when you are buying these essential products, consider getting them from Olganna, so I can do my 'happy dance'!

Thank you to everyone who has made a point of shopping small, shopping local throughout all this. I can tell you on behalf of every single business out there that it really is appreciated.

To shop the range of face masks click the link below ! 

Masks can be made with a filter layer included if you feel more comfortable with that. Or filter pockets so you can add your own. Feel free to contact directly to ask about options if you wish.


Washable Cotton face masks by Olganna


 Olganna face masks are stocked in -

* Authentic in Uppermill, High Street.

* Dandelion in Glossop, Henry Street.

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