make up wrap by olganna

The Original Make Up Wrap.

In the beginning... there was a pile of grubby make up brushes and a pile of fabric off cuts. 

Over a few late nights of cutting, stitching, unpicking and reworking, the Original Make Up Wrap was born.

Designed to hold make up brushes separately so they stayed clean. I was always digging round in the bottom of a large bag for grubby brushes - lets face it who washes them regularly enough?

The Original Make Up Wrap was designed to flop open onto a bed, toilet seat lid, dressing table and show the essential kit for the day ahead. As a busy mum who really considers a full face of make up a bit of a luxury most days, the fact it's all there means it is accessible and tidy. 

Perfect for me (Helen the owner and designer at Olganna). But then add in some pretty fabrics and a set of beautiful bamboo brushes and you have a gorgeous gift idea for anyone who wants to wear make up! 

This is a brilliant idea for travel as it lies lovely and flat in a suitcase - no lumps to squeeze the limited space. 

These have been popular as bridesmaids gifts, as well as presents for mum's, friends, sisters. These make up wraps have a luxurious feel to them with a padded layer running thoroughout, ribbon ties, gorgeous fabrics and the option to add bamboo handled make up brushes. 

Click the button below to take a look at the range of make up wraps by Olganna and pick out a few for the next birthdays on your list. 

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