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Sewing Kit and Pouch By Olganna

Olganna products are generally developed to meet a personal need. In the case of the sewing pouch, I seemed to be generally sewing up a lot of toys ears and seams, repairing my own clothes which seemed to all fall apart at the same time! 

For going on holiday I popped a few essential sewing bits in an Olganna coin purse and took it with me and with a clear head in holiday mode I decided this would be a nice gift idea.

The case ended up with a padded layer and needle book attached, I added a few accessories and with the gift box created a gorgeous little gift. Handy with the essentials, useful and of course in gorgeous fabrics! All the hallmarks of Olganna. 

These are available in a few themed fabrics and come with the following items - 

Padded zip case.

Needle Book with a selection of pins and needles.

Safety Pins.


Seam Ripper.

Tape Measure.

Selection of Threads in various shades.

Gift Box.

The pouch fits in all this kit and there is little more space to add to your kit.

This is designed to be a small essentials kit and is great for holidays, first homes, friend who loves their creative crafts, or just to update your own tired sewing kit.

The link to shop for these is below. Hope you like the themed fabrics - I love choosing them! 

Travel Sewing Kit Gift Ideas

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