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Surprise Packages!

Launched my new subscription service this week and wow ! it's been a bit of a roller coaster. First there was the organisation which ordinarily I love, but there was the underlying dread of failure. What if no one subscribes, what if I can't fulfill the orders, what if they don't like the product, and then tell everyone on Facebook how much they hate it! ??

Well none of that happened and it went really well. My first subscribers were my already greatest fans so I had their support and actually through my wobbles I knew them well enough to ask questions and get a bit of feedback so I knew I wasn't too far off the mark.

The subscription is £15 but the goods you get are greater value, the postage is free and it's packed in tissue and string, and there is a discount code and a questionnaire and lots of promotion so actually its a lot packed into a £15 item. The gamble for the customer is they are paying for something and have no clue whats coming through their door and the challenge for me is keeping them keen. I like this game! 

So the goodies this month - the first month - I wanted to be super useful - reminding my customers why they love Olganna and that they are paying for treats - but ones they will really use. And I think that's why Olganna works. Buying from Olganna gives you a product that can be practical and you'll use everyday. Give as a gift and it will be appreciated and used for ages. It will last and last, because it's a well made, quality item. 

Tempted?? There's really nothing to lose if you love Olganna. The goods you get are well worth the money. It's called a subscription but really you are just invoiced each month for the £15. If you don't fancy it one month just don't pay for the invoice. Pick it up again when you need it. 

To purchase your surprise box you just click through here -

Cut off date for Octobers delivery is midnight on the 4th October. Packages will be sent on the 5th October. 


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