Where do I store all my bits and pieces?

Where do I store all my bits and pieces?


Hello again all! I wanted to share with you today an issue faced by all at home craft businesses and that is one of STORAGE.

Where do I store all my fabrics, and bits and pieces?  Well the answer is EVERYWHERE!

As I work from home and have a physical product business everywhere in my house is potential storage.

I bought my son a new bed with storage underneath – with myself in mind. 

I have cleverly disguised nice furniture with functional worktop space in the back room and garage, but really I bought them for my work. And above our wardrobes is perfect for storing packaging of course.

I have a studio at home - OK spare bedroom – but it’s Olganna space to store fabric, components and end products. However it cannot be contained in there! Before I got this room I actually stored (rammed) all my clothes under the bed in a plastic box and the massive wardrobe stored my fabrics and products as these were far more precious than any of my clothes!

My studio is my happy place, surrounded by fabric, in front of my sewing machine and right by my coffee.

Here’s a glimpse at my STORAGE setup, believe me, I do know where everything is 😊

Helen x

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