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Isolation Vacation - Round Up

SO ! I ran out of steam after 10 days in isolation and the post for day 10 was really down beat. I just decided not to post it. 
So here I am a few days after our release and it's great to be back out in the real world! 
In summary the past 2 weeks have been up, then down. Day 6 was the tipping point and I am so. glad. it's. over.
Blogging is hard. It's hard to keep up the pace. There is pressure to put out really exciting stuff, but my life is just not that exciting! 
This means - You can never switch off!!! Every time someone messaged me, said something, did something, I had to write it down, or try to remember it - I felt like I had to be ready to write all the time. Scribbling down 'precious' content.
It is great to get away from your house!
Especially when you've all spent so much time in it for the past 18 months.
That's why holidays are important and amazing and needed.
Takeaways are not the same as eating out, and you may not have cooked them but you still have to clean up afterwards. 
Staycation's might be a holiday for the kids, who basically see no difference to their life. But it's not fun for mum. Mum's still end up doing everything and without even the promise of a nice meal and cocktail at the end of the day prepared all for you. That just sucks. 
That brings me on to holidays being great for families - but moreover essential for mum's. The week before a holiday is hard work. You are packing for the holiday including intense washing and drying, pre empting the weather, the travel, the evenings and days out. As well as trying to get the house in some sort of order for when you return - this last part is often unsuccessful in our house. When we get home and unload it's a cross between a bomb having gone off and a laundry for about a week. So a weeks holiday has actually cost you 3 weeks of organisation and it's really hard work. 
I'd already done the work the week prior to the trip as we were ALL PACKED and ready to go. The unpacking was done very quickly and in a bit of a disappointed huff to be honest. I was not amused. 
After having our holiday cancelled we were obviously gutted. Poor Ryan had spent 20 continuous days isolation by the time of our release. We booked a night in sunny for once Blackpool. Soooo nice it was to travel !! 
We went to St Anne's beach on the 1st day for a few hours, ate ice cream and relaxed on the sand. 
Sunny day a the beach
Then checked in at the hotel and went out for the evening. Had a gorgeous meal in a lovely pub and played in the arcades and on the rides on the pier. I screamed a lot on the waltzers and felt a bit sick to be honest but it was nice to be a bit loud and crazy. 
We had a laugh that night and next morning had a swim in the pool - a proper swim as well, not a dip in the back garden which I had to pH test first. A nice, clean, warm pool. Ahhhh Bliss! 
Then a few more hours on the pier - Kate managed to lose her glasses on a very fast ride so she'l be having new glasses next week - always a treat. But she can't see anything so it's been a bit fun watching her manage in partial blindness. 
Coming home the rain clouds beat us and it's been grim ever since.
We had the biggest let down, the best of the weather, made the best of a disappointment, had a ball in Blackpool, rocked our swimwear, got an all over tan - ish! And most importantly all stayed well as despite having covid Kate was actually fine. 
So all's well that end's well and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my posts. Commenting and sending me nice messages !
Final joke of the series - I found these on a website of best corona virus jokes. I picked the best of the supposedly best! 
What goes great with Corona? Lyme disease.
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Sounds like you had a great trip to Blackpool! Glad you’re out and about again!


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