Wearing glasses in sunshine.

Majorca a la Manchester - Day 5

I've reached the end of my bikini supply so it's cossie day! With it's low back it should help blend the tan lines - not that I am taking it seriously or anything! 

I am not really one for sunbathing - far too fidgity to sit still for long - but as there are not many options and it's so blinking hot I am embracing it and working on my tan like it's a job and am getting a good colour now. I need some Dulux paint swatches to match me to! 

Question - How do I get my legs to match the color of my arms and chest? There is quite a shade difference and I am nervous to go without my sun cream. 

Today I have managed to get my hair tied right back - ish. I miss having it scraped of my face especially when reading as it's just annoying. In this heat my glasses slip, I am gently perspiring, have a constant taste of suncream in my mouth, stingy eyes - I just don't need hair stuck to my face as well. 

I read my book with a coffee while I am the only one up. As soon as Ryan gets up You Tube will be on and my ears will be polluted by the screams of overgrown gamers who now have wives and kids but are living the dream playing on Fortnite all day - it's just depressing.  

Don't know if you spotted in yesterdays evening pic we have a new addition to the family. We have a big blow up llama! It took all my puff to get him up yesterday but it was worth it. We named him Larry and I am the 1st to ride him. Yee Haa! 

Day 5 of vacation in the garden

Drying off in the sun with my book and a vanilla latte, the kids come out and start their daily dose of vitamin D induced fun and I get a phone call from my friend who is lost on my street looking for my house!

She brought me essential supplies! I love her!! Sparkly wine, a box of Danish pastries and doughnuts! She knows me so well!!  Just seeing another face and having a 5 minute chat has perked me right up. Thank you Karen I am so grateful. 

The kids wolfed the chocolate doughnuts down and high on sugar the splashing and screaming goes up another level. It's Mick's turn to supervise!

I think today has been the worst day. From here I am counting down so I don't think it will be as bad but 5 days stuck in is pretty stifling. I slate our garden pretty much every other day. On these pics it looks great, but to anyone who has visited it is far from functional. But I've made the best of what we do have and that's enabled us to make the best of our time in the garden. I have never loved my garden more and will look at it now with fond memories instead of my usual disdain! 

This evenings attire is bright and accompanied by a bit of fizz! Why not, I'm on holiday! 

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This morning I saw a neighbour talking to her cat. It was obvious she thought her cat understood her. I came into my house and told my dog – we laughed a lot.
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