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Lucky Black Cat, Make up wrap

Lucky Black Cat, Make up wrap

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Lucky Black Cat, Lucky cat gift idea for the cat lover. Cosmetics organizer with lucky cat design. Is a great choice for a cat lovers birthday, gorgeous, practical and with cats all over - you can't lose!

The fabric is Japanese manufactured and has a texture throughout adding extra interest to an already fab print - This is so popular!!

Make up bag opens to reveal see through pockets and a brush holder, keeping everything organised, compact and ready to go, making this the best gift idea for anyone who travels. Fits perfectly on top of luggage!

Tie in a bow to secure the roll tight keeping your goodies secure.
Inside are 2 see through pockets and a felt pocket for brushes storage.

-Ribbon ends are sealed to prevent fraying.
-Throughout is a fleece layer to give the bag a luxury spongy, substantial feel, just another added touch enhancing its tactile qualities, but also helps to protect the contents and keep the shape.
-Contents not included.
- Brushes can be added - choose in options.

The brushes are a great addition to the set. Bamboo handles and super soft bristles, 5 essential brushes fit perfectly in the felt brushes holder.

SIZE - Size when open is approx 41 cms x 22 cms (16 X 8.5 inches).
Size when closed is approx 22 cms x 17 cms (8.5 inches x 6.5 inches).

Also available in red - see in options.


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