Casa Olganna - Day 7

Casa Olganna - Day 7

Seems our non-holiday is getting some attention. Woke up to a DM from a press agency who thinks one of the nationals will love this story and is it OK to split the payment 50/50? 

Well there's a bit of excitement! Speaking to them a bit more it seems that it could snowball after the 1st publication with another newspaper taking it the day after - fame and some pocket money for us all. I need to speak to the family and get back to them.

It's a no. I don't really post pictures of my family you may have noticed as they just don't want to be on social media and I totally respect that, so I rarely post any pics. Kate just said a straight 'No'. She doesn't want any money and she doesn't want her picture anywhere so that's that. We could have done it without her but it doesn't feel right. So my dreams of tabloid fame are over. Nice while it lasted. 

So my day consists now of the usual pool duties, bit of planking and a bit of chilling in the pool. Floating around on the inflatables is so relaxing - when I am alone! The kids come and I make a swift exit! All that screeching and splashing is too much. Earphones and an audio book for the rest of the afternoon I think.

Day 7 Blue playsuit in the pool with a LLAMA

I loved getting dressed up this evening as this is my new playsuit, bought new for this holiday - everything else I have had ages - or years! But this I just loved the colour of, and the fit is very forgiving! Teamed with my fave charity shop find, chunky necklace I feel fabulous - bit over dressed for the back garden and my neighbour spots me over the fence and says just that. But you know what? I have enjoyed making the effort to set the scene, create a fun place for us to hang out while in isolation and I've turned it all round by making us a holiday. I feel really pleased. 

When we are 'released' we are going to have a night away in Blackpool. We went a few weeks ago and loved it. So hotel is booked - with a swimming pool - though I am strictly off duty! And the kids have something to get excited about. 



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Yeah, I have plans tonight. I’ll probably hit the living room around 8 or 9.

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