Back Yard Jollies - Day 9

Back Yard Jollies - Day 9

Today the water in the pool needs changing - it's slimy. Erggh! It looks clear until I have a dip and disturb what has settled. Errgh! I need a shower! This is the not so sexy side of having a pool. There are gallons of water everywhere and I struggle with my zoflora and a cloth to wipe  it all down. It's hard work. Might be time to buy a filter.

And washing! Another job I've neglected during this week is washing. You know when you come back off your relaxing holiday with a ton of washing and your house looks a mess for days trying to sort it all out. Well I am here now. I think I've declared the holiday over. 

I think I am just getting a bit bored. And my waistline is suffering from sitting around all day. 

Between washes I chill with my beer and a book. Soaking up the sun just incase it goes away and we don't see it again for a bit - I am still mega impressed we've seen so much of it and my legs do have a touch of colour! 

This evening I decide to have a lazy one and not get dressed up and shove a couple of pizzas in the oven. Full disclosure - the sunset picture is from a couple of days ago. 

I feel like we are coming home tomorrow. :-( 

But I cannot wait to leave this place! 

I've spent a long time today trying to get a fabulous picture of a butterfly and bee enjoying my lavender. After wasting far too much time on this, these were the best I got. A wildlife photographer I am not! 

 Butterfly on lavender



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