Isolation Desperation - Day 8

Isolation Desperation - Day 8

So today I am itching to do more than just sit around all day. I've been feeling irritable for a couple of days and as it's a bit cloudy - even though when the sun shines through it is toasty warm - I decide to rearrange my work room and give it a clean and tidy before I start work again next week. 
The break has certainly given my mind space to work creatively and without boundries, leading to new ideas and blue sky thinking. I've had time to let my mind wander, no focus or intent and it's been refreshing. I am looking forward to getting back to work and this is a great start.
Back Yard Holiday Day 8
    Popping out quick dip when I'm done creating my new studio, I see a package on the doorstep and it says its from The Cornish Hamper Store.
      Oh my.
This. Looks. Divine. 
    It contains an afternoon tea, sent from Cornwall, where we should have been holidaying. Wow this looks fab and after all that work I set it aside and go for my dip. I try to relax but I want that scone and I can't stop thinking about it. 
    Absolutely scrumptious,thank you Louise for sending this treat to give us a flavour of Cornwall. It really was enjoyed! And I highly recommend this as a gift! 
    Wearing sleeves tonight as it's a cooler evening and my chunky necklace which I have also had a very long time, but I love it! 


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What did the barista call her face mask?  - A coughy filter. 

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