Back Garden Jollies - Day 6

Back Garden Jollies - Day 6

My mornings now consist of a solid 20 mins of pool maintenance. Remove the cover and check the pH. Put the hose on to fill it up and use the net to fish out any bits. The water clarity tells me the chlorine tablets are working. I've clearly smashed my new role as pool maintenance director! Yeah! 

Now before I grab my coffee I need to put the towels on our sunbeds to secure them for the day! * And then to write my postcards. I've downloaded an app and used my holiday photos to send little greetings cards - I didn't want to distract the postal workers with my bikini bod splashed on a postcard! 

Back garden holiday Day 6


And I'm feeling the Majorca vibes! I reference Majorca as it's the abroad place we've taken the kids a couple of times. And we loved it! We won't be going again for a couple of years at least while all this goes on, though I am pleased they've experienced the whole holiday abroad thing - airport, plane, heat, making friends etc. And we have some fantastic memories. Though the hotel transfer is always something you want to forget! 

Another nice surprise for us! My Dad turns up with a Maccy D's breakfast for the kids! I'd promised them 1 every week while on the big school holidays and was set to fail on week 1 so that's a great treat for them and get's me out of the bad books - kids have long memories! 

So nice to have a quick catch up with Dad and see another person, feels like we are nearing the end now. 

So while the kids are munching away I check my e-mails - Happy News! We are getting a full refund for the 2nd part of our holiday (7 nights in Ilfracoombe, North Devon). Money will be there in 3 days!  Amazing and totally unexpected. So I get onto the other guys for the 1st part of the holiday (3 nights in Newquay) and we can get a voucher for the full amount! Honestly shocked, I didn't think we were covered for anything. 

Well how about that. I am speechless! That's rare for me! 

While the pool is free I sink in. It is freezing, but the warming sun makes it glorious. I am not bored of it yet at all. 3 times a day I go in and have my little dip. The cold shock is becoming pleasant. I think when I get back in the reservoir I will be better for having done this. 

So I am dry and chilled out contemplating my next move when a mum from school up with Kate's school books and school photo. This is their last year in primary school and they've missed so much having to isolate for the last 2 weeks of school, prom cancelled, no PGL, last assembly on Zoom. So I am glad they have their pictures and her book is returned. Thank you Suzanne, I really appreciate it - and another chat, friendly face - it really does break up the day and give the spirit a boost! 

So tonight we are ordering Indian. Felt like I've not stopped stuffing my face but not with anything substantial as it's been to hot to cook. I am in need of a good feed! I can't eat the full amount in 1 sitting away so it's 2 scrummy tea's which sounds just perfect.  

Simple shape linen dress this evening, easy to wear and hides every bulge - perfect for takeaway night where you want to just be comfy while you eat!! 

So it's day 6 and we are over the hump! Thank you to everyone who has left comments, sent messages and given offers of help. It's been nice to have the distraction! 

*Title credit Daryl. Thanks for inspiring me today! 

*Sunbed joke credit to Carmel. Thanks I had to borrow it! 


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Quarantine has really put a damper on comedy. For months nobody has walked into a bar.

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